An Italian story of tradition and beauty

Montegallo was born from the centennial history of straw processing in the Marche Region, in Italy. An activity that dates back to 1300, linked exclusively to agricultural activity, which was the only true source of livelihood in the Region.

The women of the countryside wove the stalks of freshly harvested wheat and made hats to protect the men who worked in the fields from the sun. Gradually the men began to sell hats and wheat braids at the market, giving rise to a first form of sustainable and alternative economy. They carried them for long distances on a stick called a "stanga" (pole), and they returned home only after having sold the whole lot.

Thanks to their skill, during the post-war period of WWII, the production extended to bags and shoes, which soon became ornamental elements, essential to confer elegance and distinction. Even today, in the Fermano area, there are the last of the women who collect and weave the wheat.

Alice Catena, has collected history, experience and artisan tradition, to create with the same ancient mastery of small local productions, a precious accessory, with a timeless charm and style, to be handed down from generation to generation.

Made entirely by hand by master hatters in the Marche Region, each Montegallo has a warranty, which makes each and every piece unique. The experience and traditional craftsmanship allow the creation of fine hats, with charm and a timeless style.