Lady Bogart - white ribbon

100% natural straw hat entirely woven and sewn by hand. Semi-rigid, medium wide brim. White ribbon in 100% cotton. Customizable with initials inside or on the ribbon.


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Lady Bogart white ribbon

Lady Bogart mustard ribbon

Lady Bogart bordeaux ribbon

Lady Bogart olive green ribbon

Lady Bogart blue ribbon

Lady Bogart black ribbon

7445A212-F42E-11EA-ABBF-A4068F949CF3 Size S 56

Subtotal: 245,00 €

Use and care: the hat is treated to withstand the sun and rain, however do not leave it exposed to the sun for a long time indoors (car or sunny window). Do not wash the hat with water, dust it using a kneaded rubber, an adhesive roller or a cleaning wipe, gently brushing it.


Packaging: each Montegallo comes with a 100% natural cotton bag. Ideal for storing the hat and ensuring its durability.

Product: Lady Bogart - white ribbon

Brand: Montegallo






L 58

M 57

S 56

Made entirely by hand by master hatters in the Marche Region, each Montegallo has a warranty, which makes each and every piece unique. The experience and traditional craftsmanship allow the creation of fine hats, with charm and a timeless style.