Coppola sfilata - barbed gray

The Coppola Montegallo is unique and hand-sew.
Master hatters from the Marche region made it in our artisan workshop in Italy.
The attention to detail, the selection of fine fabrics and the craftsmanship make it an extraordinary garment, with timeless elegance and charm. In pure virgin wool it is lined internally.

Before choosing the size of the flat cap, measure the circumference of your head with a tape measure and always add 1 cm more.

Delivery within 7-10 days.


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Coppola sfilata - checkered

Coppola sfilata - barbed gray

Coppola sfilata - barbed brown

Coppola sfilata - blue

Coppola sfilata - black

7956FDE6-2BAA-11EC-941E-E648A12B91FC Size S 56

Subtotal: 120,00 €

The hat is treated to withstand the sun and rain, however do not leave it exposed to the sun for a long time indoors (car or sunny window). Do not wash the hat with water, dust it using a kneaded rubber, an adhesive roller or a cleaning wipe, gently brushing it.

Packaging: each Montegallo comes with a 100% natural cotton bag. Ideal for storing the hat and ensuring its durability.

Product: Coppola sfilata - barbed gray

Brand: Montegallo

Made entirely by hand by master hatters in the Marche Region, each Montegallo has a warranty, which makes each and every piece unique. The experience and traditional craftsmanship allow the creation of fine hats, with charm and a timeless style.